Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This week marks 8 years since I sent that first fated email to my Lover-buns, Stuee.


Picture taken December 2003
Is anbody in the mood for a story?

Colour me Laura

I love colour. I love making colour combinations. I save random pictures that catch my eye because of the colours and then I make up swatches and save them so I can look at them later and use them for projects or if I'm glum. Colour cheers me up. I was putting together a swatch of colours for a job I was doing yesterday and I thought maybe there's some other colour addicts out there who would appreciate seeing what colours I'm nom'ing on right now. If you have any favourite combo's of your own I want to see them too.

There's definitely a pattern going on but those are my favourite combo's right now. If you're an addict or looking for perfect combinations you should check out Design Seeds. It's a feast for the eyes! Heaven!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I AM a graphic designer!

Remember the Jane Austen's Fight Club video that hit the web a few months ago and remember how I'm involved in Decclo? Well, when I saw the JAFC video I immediately thought that the concept would be really cool on tshirts... I work for an apparel company... Perfect!

The Decclo website ( just officially launched yesterday (YAY!) after a year of extremely hard work and I'm excited to say that I was able to design the first batch of official JAFC tshirts we have for sale. They're approved by the Fight Club girls who will be adding a couple more designs to the collection too. Get over and take a look! I'd appreciate any help at all in getting the word out about this, like I said it's be a year of super hard work and sleepless nights!

I've added an official Jane Austen's Fight Club apparel button over on my right sidebar you can grab and share on your blog if you feel so inclined.

Meatless in St. Louis.

Day one of the "diet" went fine. I went to bed a bit hungry though since along with cutting back junk food and trying to eat raw I need to eat and drink a bit more to feel satisfied.

We weren't stocked up with anything so I threw together the first recipe on the list, the peanut coconut tofu without the tofu... actually just with potatoes and mushrooms. It was quite tasty. I'll make it with more veg next time though, it was missing a lot of flavour since all it had was mushrooms and potatoes in it....

Today I'll be starting my day with a bowl of porridge - before it gets too hot outside, holy moly! It was 35 degrees celsius yesterday, that's in the 90's in Fahrenheit. When it gets cooler I'm going to start up my morning workouts again - Bollywood Burn, anyone?

Um, yep. This post is nothing interesting, it's more like a note to myself so I'll remember when I started this meatless madness.

I hope you're all well. If any of you want to join in my recipe blog community leave me your email address here and I'll add you as an author. There's just over 20 contributing recipe sharers on it right now.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Stu's younger sister, Megan is on an elimination diet right now. She eats super basic foods and then after a couple of weeks will add one new food in and eat it a few times in the week before adding something else in, in order to work out what it is she's eating that's upsetting her stomach.

We were visiting them last week and I was super impressed with her will power but not so impressed with the lack of selection she had to eat seeing as she can barely eat anything. I'm now curious to see how Stuart and I could do on a strict, healthy diet. We're going to try and be vegetarian for a couple of weeks, as in we're only going to eat vegetables. We're cutting out junk food too and as much as possible, sugar. Our aim is to go back to basics. I'm excited but nervous about it to be honest since my idea of a meal is meat and two veg. We're both aware that we eat far too much rubbish, we also want to support Megan in her challenge and get into the habit of eating more veg - going full steam ahead like this doesn't give us much opportunity to break the rules, that's what I need. I'm not undisciplined enough otherwise.

I'm going to try and utilise the slow cooker, that should work good for soups... ?... I have no idea what I'm doing. Help? I'm pretty much just pulling recipes of CuisineNie. If all else fails there's always salad, right? Why is the idea of being healthy so scary?!

Here's some ideas we have so far:
Black bean burgers here
Sugar and Spice sweet potatoes here
Banana bread for a treat/snack here
Spaghetti Squash confetti here
Corn and Cheese custard here
Portobellos with leeks and feta here also Portobello burgers anyone? NOM!

Along with those things I'm looking forward to steamed carrots, soft boiled potatoes (a super fave!), cucumber, smoothies...

We shall see.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's that Etsy time of year again...

I reeeally really look forward to the day I can decorate my own house. You know this already. You also know a couple of months before Christmas I go Etsy mad! Here's some cute vintage stuff I've been finding lately.
Vintage Humpty Dumpty light switch cover from Shuggabea.
Vintage Space Needle plate from CosyStudio
Vintage mirrored vanity tray from RosePetale99
Vintage Beatrix Potter bib clip from ViolasVintage
Vintage file box from SleepyOwlVintage
Vintage movie camera from ZebrasAndBubblegum
I got distracted by vintage cameras and never finished my list...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So silly.

Do you want to hear something ridiculous? It's a bit of a confession really.

When I read certain blogs I feel lost and little, um... unsuccessful? Insecure? It makes me wonder why I'm not in a position to travel, to buy lovely clothes and house decor, to have super cute babies or a puppy. It's weird I feel like that because counting my blessings I have everything I need and more and I'm actually very successful. The fruits of my labours isn't the number of blog followers I have or number of things I own from expensive shops - those might be yours and that's absolutely fine. I have dreams that have come and are coming true, those other things aren't my dreams. The number of my blessings is the number of times in a day Stuart tells me he loves me multiplied by the number of odd socks in our laundry basket... plus a bajillion.

Year 25 is coming to a close and I'm getting my Year 26 goals in order. Realising my potential and my success is going to be one of them.

That is all. Y26 is only going to be onward and upward from where Y25 ends.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ferry far...

We took the ferry over to Bremerton yesterday for a Team Decclo reunion with Jake and Rachel, or Rake and Jakel if you're talking to Stuart. It was such a nice sunny, bright day and it was really good to get together with the Fry's and catch up in person rather than our usual ten-hundred emails a day.
I wore a skirt yesterday which made the ferry trip quite an adventure. More pictures of the Decclo part of the day will be posted over on the Decclo blog soon.

As a heads-up to anyone looking to make some money through designing tshirts, this is your last chance to have direct feedback from myself on any designs you submit - I work with designers to make their designs pretty much guaranteed to be printed. The site is going to launch very soon and designs will be submitted through the site. I won't be able to give feedback to everyone so if you're desperate to be an artist, tshirt designer get your designs in to me fast. ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This week.

To Stuart,
This week. 
You and me.
A hotel in Portland.
A burger from our fave burger place.
Can't wait!

Love you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Table of contents:

Remember when I used to blog ALL the time? Yeah, me too. That was back when I used to do stuff. I don't really have much to say these days. I'm pretty content and pretty busy doing non-bloggish things. I read blogs daily though and see so much fun stuff going on - the existence of babies being announced, babies arrivals, couples traveling the world, new jobs, new businesses, new homes, marriages... It's all really exciting, plus I have a lot of talented friends making those babies and decorating those new homes!

I think I'm going through a phase. No babies, no travels, no adventures. I lie when I say no adventures though. I can always find an adventure. I'm content and that's quite the adventure for me.

I tried to force a blog post out at the start of the week but never finished it because I didn't like reading it. It sounded like I was trying too hard. I guess having time for those thoughts to simmer and settle gave me time to really believe myself.

My adventure is that I'm content. I like where I am right now. I am loooving life with Stuart, which I always do BUT my heart is gushing (gross!) with fondness and glee when I think about him. In a few days we'll have reached the anniversary of our first whole year living together, just the two of us. But you've been married forever, you say. Why yes, you are correct. Our marriage is just over 6 and a half years old. We spent thirty three of our seventy-something month old marriage living with other family members. This is our first whole year together - minus my 7 weeks in Scotland. Twelve months in a little rented house, on new turf for the both of us and surviving. That's an adventure! 25 has been good to me!

I'm still around, still drivers licenseless, still childless, still dealing with chronic back pain day in day out. I'm happy though. I'm learning a lot.