Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ferry far...

We took the ferry over to Bremerton yesterday for a Team Decclo reunion with Jake and Rachel, or Rake and Jakel if you're talking to Stuart. It was such a nice sunny, bright day and it was really good to get together with the Fry's and catch up in person rather than our usual ten-hundred emails a day.
I wore a skirt yesterday which made the ferry trip quite an adventure. More pictures of the Decclo part of the day will be posted over on the Decclo blog soon.

As a heads-up to anyone looking to make some money through designing tshirts, this is your last chance to have direct feedback from myself on any designs you submit - I work with designers to make their designs pretty much guaranteed to be printed. The site is going to launch very soon and designs will be submitted through the site. I won't be able to give feedback to everyone so if you're desperate to be an artist, tshirt designer get your designs in to me fast. ;)

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Chiemi said...

Sounds like a lovely trip! The water look beautiful.