Sunday, September 26, 2010


Stu's younger sister, Megan is on an elimination diet right now. She eats super basic foods and then after a couple of weeks will add one new food in and eat it a few times in the week before adding something else in, in order to work out what it is she's eating that's upsetting her stomach.

We were visiting them last week and I was super impressed with her will power but not so impressed with the lack of selection she had to eat seeing as she can barely eat anything. I'm now curious to see how Stuart and I could do on a strict, healthy diet. We're going to try and be vegetarian for a couple of weeks, as in we're only going to eat vegetables. We're cutting out junk food too and as much as possible, sugar. Our aim is to go back to basics. I'm excited but nervous about it to be honest since my idea of a meal is meat and two veg. We're both aware that we eat far too much rubbish, we also want to support Megan in her challenge and get into the habit of eating more veg - going full steam ahead like this doesn't give us much opportunity to break the rules, that's what I need. I'm not undisciplined enough otherwise.

I'm going to try and utilise the slow cooker, that should work good for soups... ?... I have no idea what I'm doing. Help? I'm pretty much just pulling recipes of CuisineNie. If all else fails there's always salad, right? Why is the idea of being healthy so scary?!

Here's some ideas we have so far:
Black bean burgers here
Sugar and Spice sweet potatoes here
Banana bread for a treat/snack here
Spaghetti Squash confetti here
Corn and Cheese custard here
Portobellos with leeks and feta here also Portobello burgers anyone? NOM!

Along with those things I'm looking forward to steamed carrots, soft boiled potatoes (a super fave!), cucumber, smoothies...

We shall see.


Trina said...

ooo I've got some great slow cooker recipes that I'll send you. I'm impressed! I don't think I have the will power to forgo sweets. and I drink faaaar too much soda. You're an inspiration! Good luck!

Chloe said...

I think I need to do some kind of healthy eating diet.. I live on crisps and Diet Coke.

Good luck!! :)

Gretchen said...

If you're looking for lots of crockpot recipes, you should definitely check out She uses her crockpot for everything!

Good luck with your healthy eating. I'm excited to read about how it goes!