Friday, September 10, 2010

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Remember when I used to blog ALL the time? Yeah, me too. That was back when I used to do stuff. I don't really have much to say these days. I'm pretty content and pretty busy doing non-bloggish things. I read blogs daily though and see so much fun stuff going on - the existence of babies being announced, babies arrivals, couples traveling the world, new jobs, new businesses, new homes, marriages... It's all really exciting, plus I have a lot of talented friends making those babies and decorating those new homes!

I think I'm going through a phase. No babies, no travels, no adventures. I lie when I say no adventures though. I can always find an adventure. I'm content and that's quite the adventure for me.

I tried to force a blog post out at the start of the week but never finished it because I didn't like reading it. It sounded like I was trying too hard. I guess having time for those thoughts to simmer and settle gave me time to really believe myself.

My adventure is that I'm content. I like where I am right now. I am loooving life with Stuart, which I always do BUT my heart is gushing (gross!) with fondness and glee when I think about him. In a few days we'll have reached the anniversary of our first whole year living together, just the two of us. But you've been married forever, you say. Why yes, you are correct. Our marriage is just over 6 and a half years old. We spent thirty three of our seventy-something month old marriage living with other family members. This is our first whole year together - minus my 7 weeks in Scotland. Twelve months in a little rented house, on new turf for the both of us and surviving. That's an adventure! 25 has been good to me!

I'm still around, still drivers licenseless, still childless, still dealing with chronic back pain day in day out. I'm happy though. I'm learning a lot.


Brooke said...

I just love you!

Chloe said...

I love this. I'm glad you're happy and that you posted this.

My adventure is just being happy. All of the time. :)

Kamilli Vanilli said...

Yay for you!
I'm happy that you're happy.