Sunday, October 3, 2010

Food stuff.

We've done really good this week eating healthier. Mushrooms are becoming our meat substitute - we've had mushroom burgers twice this week and another time I sautéed a big portobello with some onion and tossed it in with our first spaghetti squash experience. Heaven!

Tonight we had Stuffed Mushroom burgers and sweet potato and yam fries. Here's the gist of how to make that -

2 portobello mushrooms
half a block of cream cheese
1 small onion, finely diced
buffalo/hot sauce
extra virgin olive oil

Put cheese in a bowl and allow to soften.
Pull stocks off mushrooms and finely dice.
Sauté with the onions
Put some oil in a baking dish to coat with some garlic.
Turn the mushrooms in the garlicy oil in the pan and set flat side up.
Mix sauteed mushroom stalk and onion with cream cheese, add a little garlic if you fancy it and a splash of hot sauce.
Put the cream cheese mixture onto the mushrooms, squish it down and put a splash of buffalo sauce on top.

Bake at 350'f for 45 minutes or until juices run clear from the mushrooms.
Serve between bread with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a little mayo - then drop the open jar of mayonnaise on the floor for good measure like I did. It's versatile, you can change any of these things ingredients to suit yourself.

That's it.

Stuart just said to me, "I feel like I'm losing weight". I have to agree, just after a week of healthy eating and exercising I feel like I'm getting healthier. It feels nice!

I've been getting a good bit of freelance design work lately and was able to buy Wii Fit without feeling guilty about it. We had used Stuart's mum's wii fit two years ago so all our info was stored in it and updated when we used our one yesterday. I put on 10lbs in 2 years... that's not bad! I won't tell you how much Stuart put on though. He's been crying about it all weekend.

Week one of healthy eating is done with no troubles. Week two here we come!


Randy and Joycelyn said...

Yea for eating healthier! I will have to try this. It sounds so yummy! We also have been trying to eat healthier. I'm using to help me see where I'm lacking in nutrients and how all the meals/snacks go into play with the exercise to meet my calorie needs. A website that I really like is It has a lot of uber healthy recipes that are just yummy! Even my kids like them.

Siobhan said...

Well done missus, I'm excited to see your progress. I've never tried them as burgers, but seen it a lot. Keep it up!

city girl said...

Stuffed mushroom burgers sound amazing!

Lauren said...

Good for you guys! Can't jump on the mushroom bandwagon though, not a preferred menu item in the Hales home. Drew would totally lose weight though, he would just starve....