Wednesday, November 17, 2010

25: The end.

25 ends for me on Friday. I was horribly nervous and absolutely distressed over the idea of being 25 for some reason. Maybe being in the absolute middle of my 20's made me realise some stuff... ok, no maybe about it, it really did.

First of all 25 is half way to 50. I think that's why (hopefully) people freak out about that age. It's also "The Prime" for most folk. It has been for me. It'll sound ridiculous to people older than me but I am a ridiculous person, I don't mind it being down hill from here. As in, down hill out of my prime and into whatever comes next. Middle aged? I'll tell you more about "The Prime" in another post. It's profound for me.

I started 25 with a friend who has come to mean more to me over the year and I'll be ending it with her here too. That's the kind of symbolism I really love. Another year passes, a new one begins and we're all on the journey together.

This year I've tried to be more conscious of my own milestones because I'm still growing up and those achievements still deserve to be celebrated even if I'm not 7 years old anymore.

Twenty-Five =

Family: Andrew was here for Christmas 2009. I had to go home to Scotland for 7 weeks. I also gained a new niece, lovely little Nora. Some bridges were also mended/strengthened this year. Some were weakened but there is always next year.

Roadtrips & New places: Santa Cruz, Capitola, Trees of Mystery/Paul Bunyan. Driving from here to Seattle - staying in hotels which is always the ultimate treat for me.

School: Majoring in Graphic Design, 6 months left. If it wasn't for one little B, I'd be a straight A student. I'm even putting my major to good use and making a little money here and there. I've become a little more disciplined and I quite like it... can't wait for it to be over though.

Decclo: Got completely involved in Decclo starting with a photo campaign and now working on advertising and marketing along with tshirt designs and daily interactions with some of the most talented people in the world.

Self awareness & acceptance: This is something that goes along with a post I'll do later about "My Prime" but I've learned a lot about myself this year. I'm a needy person but I'm also independant. I need to remember that it's ok to be like that. I'm not attention seeking, I sometimes just need to feel more approval to help me take steps forward. I'll expose the workings of my brain later. I also cut my own hair and have started losing weight in Y25.

Sleep habits: A while back I posted about how it was normal for me to wake up 4-7 times a night and how it would take me a couple of ours to first get to sleep and then another 45 minutes after waking up to get back to sleep. Well, in my 25th year I finally got my first whole nights sleep! I worked hard on this one and it paid off. I sleep almost all night every night now and sometimes I do sleep the whole night!

Infertility: A big milestone I reached this year is accepting the possibility of never having a child. Explaining those feelings and sharing them with others was a big step in accepting that.

SHEnanigans: Silly Girls went world wide and through my struggle of self awareness I turned into a monster. Luckily I've been forgiven and Silly Girls/SHEnanigans has grown and helped me whilst helping others. Is that cryptic? Probably. I'm pretty ashamed of myself sometimes and the whole cross over of Silly Girls to SHEnanigans is one of those times. I'm just glad it stayed wonderful even when I wasn't. Sorry again to one of the best examples to me, Megan...

Stuart: Basically he's the best part of me. On November 11th it was 7 years since he flew in to Scotland. On my birthday it'll have been 7 years since he proposed. This has been our first whole year living together just the two of us and it's been the best. I can tackle all my years, transitions and milestones as long as I have him with me. He makes each year more special and it's because of his encouragement that I make most of the progress that I do. Love him.

That's a recap of 25. It's been full of ups and downs but looking back it's the ups that I only really remember.

How is your year going? Have you made any progress in your goals? Have you realised your potential yet?

Do you need help or have any questions? Ask me.


Tara said...

I love this post! You are a doll, and I think we have a connection...cause, well, my 3 yr old's favorite song is an old Scotland folk played on a banjo, so yeah, than means something, right? OR maybe it's becauase I think the only reason my beloved sister appears sane is because of you. ;)
You are going to have an amazing and fabulous journey to 30, in my opinion. It is also my opinion that one gets wings at 30 and prepares to fly, so you have that to look forward to! (I could be wrong, but I think 25-30 is when you realize the truth about what wings are made of) Whatever all that poo-talk means. Enjoy! You rock woman!

Lauren said...

I can't believe you only have 6 months of school left! Holy cow you are a rockstar! This year has been monumental for you. Oh how I admire you so so so much. I am going to sit down and make some serious goals for year 29 which will be coming for me in December. You are fantastic and I miss miss miss miss you so much.

Megan Marie said...

Hope you had a beautiful b-day. Check your FB inbox. xoxo