Friday, November 19, 2010

30 random things about ME.

I've been tagged about 30 times with this sucker on facebook this week so I thought I'd put it on my blog which is linked to my facebook and kill 30 birds with one stone. Yeah!

1. I always read when I'm in the bath.
2. When I take a bath I'm in it for at least an hour and a half.
3. I have a tattoo on my face.
4. I'm sensitive.
5. I don't deal well with tension, it makes me cry or laugh. If I laugh it's so I don't cry.
6. I love candles.
7. The only time I've tasted alcohol was when a cup of it was poured on my head at a concert.
8. The first concert I went to was Green Day when I was 13. Thanks Scott.
9. I love facebook, especially on my birthday.
10. I have a phobia of things that are upside down. They really disturb me.
11. I also have a phobia of crossing the road. Sometimes I just close my eyes and run.
12. I don't recommend online school anymore.
13. It blows my mind how much I love Stuart. Sometimes when I look at him I can't even believe it.
14. I love seeing stuff. Seeing is my favourite.
15. I still get night terrors.
16. I love being surprised... but not by night terrors.
17. I can't go cross eyed because one eye won't do it. I only learned this recently.
18. I love working for Decclo because I love getting to talk to artists and other creative folks.
19. Sometimes I get into a fit of rage and complain about one thing over and over. Usually on boring days I do that.
20. My feet are always freezing cold but I like them like that.
21. I've lost a stone since I started eating and exercising 7 weeks ago.
22. I worry I'll get skinny and then want to dress immodestly. It must be a struggle being skinny.
23. I regularly tell Stu his fly is down, usually it's as a joke but usually it really is down.
24. I hate doing the dishes.
25. I love Robert Downey, Jr. If he ever asks me out to lunch I'm allowed to go.
26. I love to laugh but when I laugh too much I throw up.
27. I hope I look as good as my mum when I'm her age.
28. Stuart is very, extremely reserved but I can make him do anything for a laugh.
29. Sometimes I seem boring and rude because I'm quiet but I just like being quiet. Silence isn't uncomfortable for me.
30. Because of the night terrors I'm scared of dinosaurs and albino rabbits in real life.

I tried to end that on the most random thing I could think of. Don't use it against me as a weapon.


Carlita said...

happy happy bday! and Robert Downey Jr is a hunk.

Tennille said...

TOTALLY get number 29... I get that a lot!!!

Chloe said...

Hope you had a great birthday! The doghnuts you mentioned on twitter sound tasty!!

I totally get number 29.. I get that a lot! :)

Megan Marie said...

I regularly tell Stu his fly is down, usually it's as a joke but usually it really is down.


laura, you are so great. i wish i could be quiet sometimes. i like to be quiet, too, but i stink at it.

love you.