Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget.

Just one reason I'm proud to be a Stronach.

"I started work with J. Fairley in 1938 till 1939, when I got the chance to start work with a Foundery and Engineering Work called Campbell, Binnie,Reid and Co., in Burnbank, Hamilton. Where I got an Apprenticeship as a Fitter and Turner that would be in 1939 till 1942 when I joined the Army in the Y.M.C.A. building in Motherwell, had my Medical Examination received the King's (1s) Shilling, and was asked what Regiment I wanted to join and I asked for the Seaforth Highlanders my father's old Regiment, but there was no vacancies so had to accept the Black Watch Regiment, hence the Black Watch number 2767219. 

I was given a travel warrant to Perth Barracks where I went for initial training, arrived there on the 12th February 1942. In the summer of that same year the Battalion was doing Guard duties on the Royal Naval Air Stations. We had a Company at each Station, at Teeling, Arbroath, Donna = Bristal, Milnathorpe, Crail, with Headquarter Coy., at Monifieth and Broughty Ferry near Dundee.

It was a beautiful summer that year and when we were not on Guard Duties we were working on local Farms bringing in the Harvest. I was at Crail working with a Clydesdale horse with a Rick Lifter on a Farm during the day. When the Harvest was over we were all moved to Freckenham near Newmarket, in England for a short time, then we moved to Leigh-on-Sea farther south near London. It was from here that the Black Watch Battalion was Dissbanded and we were all sent as reinforcements to other Regements to prepare for the Normandy landings. It was from here I was posted to the 7th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders at Swarling in Northumberland on 18th December 1942 to 1943. From September 1943 to April 1944 in Queensbury Yorkshire. Then from April 1944 to June 1944 Hove Sussex, 26th June 1944 - 2nd July 1944 -- First Battle of the Odon.
7th July 1944 -- 22nd July 1944 -- Second Battle of the Odon.
23rd July, 1944 - 5th May, 1945
Caumont. Blerick.
Falaise. Nijmegen.
The Seine. Siegfried Line.
Courtrai. Cleve.
Albert Canal. Moyland.
Eindhoven. Schloss Kalbeck.
Best. The Rhine.
Helmond. Celle.
Asterwijk. (Oisterwyk) Unterluss.
Tilburg. Ulzen.
Liessel. The Elbe.
The Mass. Kiel Canal.
May, 1945 - March, 1946.
Laboe. Neungamme.
Wismar. Pinneburg. End."

From family history notes written by James Wiseman Stronach himself.

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