Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Prime.

I'm in the prime of my life now and wish I'd realised it sooner rather than feeling eternally 17. Stuart and I were talking about how, right now we're at what we feel to be the peak of our lives. We're at a point where absolutely anything at all could happen - we could end up just about anywhere, doing just about anything. We have a few years left of this but once it's gone, it's gone. We don't imagine we'll ever be in the situation again where we has as few ties as we do right now. Because of this realisation I decided I'm going to try and look the way I imagined I'd look at this stage of my life. I like how I am. I really like my bodacious curves and I'm about 87% comfortable with my body. I want to try something different though.

I'm keeping all the numbers and embarrassing photos to myself until I reach my ultimate weight goal which I should reach by summer... actually by GRADUATION. Yep. It's like life is giving me such a treat by letting those two things happen at the same time. I'll unveil the photos when I reach my goal weight and everyone in the whole world will be encouraged. If Wii Fit ever does an infomercial like nutrasystem or Jenny Craig I might even go on that.

So far the weight loss has not been difficult. It's certainly a little more work but it's not been anything terrible, like I'd imagined it would be. Having Stuart joining me on the skinnying trip has helped a lot. I'd not have done it without him I don't think.

If you have goals you've been putting off I encourage you to work towards them NOW. Don't make excuses, find the motivation and just go for it. You really know you want to. If you leave it too late you'll regret it and there's nothing worse than that. You can do it. You CAN.

Today during an interview I was asked if I had achieved any of my dreams or goals within the last 5 years. I was so happy to say that, yes, I really have. Year 25 was so goal orientated and Y26 is going to take it to the next level. I have a serious zest for life.

The goal for Year 26 is to enjoy the view from the peak of my life.

To observe, change, and be. That is my motto for the year.


Alecia said...

wow, girl. you INSPIRE. i love your optimism, its really..well just inspiring & contagious. i'm glad i know you..i'll be blog stalking you from now on :)GOOD LUCK with your goal. you CAN DO IT!

Brooke said...

Good for you! I'm hoping to lose like 20 or so pounds this next week. But since most of that will be a baby I don't know that it really counts.

Chloe said...

You are so inpsiring! :) I'm so glad the healthy eating weight plan is working! I remember reading your original post about it. :) Good luck good luck good luck with the rest of it! :)