Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Restless in Hayward

I'm feeling all sorts of restless right now. It's finals week and I just can't be bothered. I keep thinking "Only 6 more weeks, Laura. Six more weeks until you get a break"... 4 weeks break in a year is not enough. I don't even get weekends off school. I'll be done for good in 6 months. No amount of pressure or encouragement is going to get me to go back (to this school) to get my bachelors degree. I'll save my griping about that for another post.

This Document Design class has been more useful than I care to admit though. If you need a poster created, I'm your girl. The main thing I've learned is that there's really no place in the world for centre aligned text. So stop writing your blogs in that format. I didn't agree with the statement the first 12 times I heard it but now I do. Centre alignment is not balanced, you just think it is but it really isn't... does it sound like I'm trying to avoid class today?

In other news we just launched a design contest over at Decclo which raises funds for Surfers Healing, a foundation for autism. If you know of anyone with graphic design skills please, please, please pass this info along. They're completely non-profit and need to raise $10,000 every year to run their surf camp and we want to help out as much as possible - plus for the two winning designers it's going to be really good exposure. The Paskowitz family that run the camp are being featured on the New Oprah Network in January, just sayin.

Get contest info here. Share our facebook status, retweet us and all that good stuff.
And if you have any questions at all, let me know. I'll do anything to encourage anyone to join in with this!

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