Monday, January 10, 2011

I thought after having a 2 week break from school I'd be ready to kick my last 2 semesters booty... I'm not. I'm counting down the weeks verrrrry slowly and torturing myself with how badly I want to be done. To make it harder the class I'm taking right now - Information Design - is extremely confusing. I just don't get it but I do know I only have 5 more weeks left. I can be confused for 5 weeks... I've done it before and sometimes for longer.

Also, to distract myself by how much I want to not be in school I've broken down the next 23 weeks like this:
February - Valentines Day
March - Wedding anniversary AND half way to June graduation.

If I can focus on those two things rather than my week by week count down it might go faster. I want to be DONE! I want to focus on earning money! I love what I do and I love the few clients I've had so far but I want to be able to focus on more clients, more designs. I want to create!

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