Monday, April 25, 2011


Today I start week 5 of 6 of my second to last block. Next block I only have one class and it's my portfolio class which I'm really looking forward to - the Flash animation class I'm doing right now has been a struggle for me and plus, it is going to be my last class, what's not to look forward to? With Sunday to Sunday school weeks I've not had much time to think about anything other than what's going on right now with the umpteen deadlines that are always in my face.

I had some time on Friday afternoon and Sunday night to think a little for fun - rather than forced thinking which is less enjoyable. For fun I was thinking about all the things I can do - all the things that are going to help pay off my loans - when I'm done with school. Then I was thinking about how I want to do SO much... too much really.

I need to narrow it down. What should I do? I feel like I want a break, like a few weeks of nothing but cleaning my house and organising everything that's been put on hold for the last 18 months. Should I restart my etsy right away? What should I sell? Custom invitations, announcements and cards, prints or things I make? Should I combine the two? Should I seek clients or just do my own thing?

Goodness. I need to make some lists.

It is exciting though and I'm sure this anxiety is pretty normal... right?

WHOWANTSTOHIREME? Excuse me. I have tourettes.


Brooke said...

I say take a vacation from your computer. Take that time to organize your house and your thoughts and whatever else school has forced you to neglect.

Then once you feel like a person again focus on all that bubbling enthusiasm you have for designing.

Lindsay said...

um... i love your new header.. it makes me smile... which is hard to do right now since i'm so pissy. good job, love.

Dionne said...

Hmmmm.... do you prefer working face-to-face with clients, or over the internet with Etsy. It really depends on what you prefer, because if you like creating, but don't like the way you are selling, then it would be hard to maintain. I am sure that you'll have success in whatever you choose.