Monday, April 18, 2011

Time saver; brain saver.

Last week Stuart and I decided (again) to plan our meals out for the next couple of weeks in order to save dinner time frustration and brain power that's needed elsewhere. Stuart very kindly spent a morning flipping through a few recipe books and wrote down the name of 13 (10 of which are completely new to us) dishes, the page number and book it came from, and made a shopping list with all the ingredients we'd need to make them all.

This is our list. (x marks the ones we've had so far):
Gnocchi with ricotta and tomato basil sauce x
Fettuccine with creamy tomato sauce
Mexican potato frittata
Lemon-ginger chicken x
Chili x
Creamy tomato-basil soup x
Lasagna x
Chicken tetrazzini
Sweet and sour meatballs x
French onion soup
Breakfast casserole x

As soon as I got home from grocery shopping I put together a big batch of meatballs, split them and froze them for throwing in the crockpot when I don't have time to cook. I made the lasagna and cooked it the night before we were going to eat it- it could then be frozen if we'd wanted or heated whenever - another time saver. Soup also saves well. Heaven!

I love being able to pick something off the list (we keep it on the fridge) in the morning and prepare for it through the day, and then have it ready for when Stuart gets home. It cuts out the whole "what are we having for dinner?" "what do you want for dinner?" "I don't know" "well I don't know either. Tell me when you know" conversation we'd have every single evening that always ended with us hungry and irritated at 8pm. I hate choosing what we're having for dinner.

I posted a few of the recipes on our recipe blog tonight. Let me know if you try any of them or if you have any I should try.


Rachel said...

Look at you!! I am literally making mental notes here for the next few weeks and I may or may not be copying your list. We have the same conversation and although I enjoy my breakfast foods, eggs for dinner is getting kinda old.

Vikki Miller said...

I like that the potato fritata is Mexican here, at home it's Spanish. I often make Fritata with courgettes and feta cheese cubed on top — it's a cheeky wee alternative if you're not in a high potato carb mood. Yum!