Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week 6!

What a week! Actually, what a 6 weeks! This morning I took my Flash Animation final and submitted my final project - a functional portfolio website I made for myself. It looks like this:

This was my hardest class yet. I think it was so difficult because I was learning from scratch. Having experience in photoshop and illustrator has really helped me get through my art classes. This was like learning a whole new language in 5 weeks in order to present a fully functional website at the end of it - and a lot goes into website building, I'll have you know!

Also, my friend Kristy just listed her sugar scrubs for sale (coming soon to etsy) that I designed the labels for a while ago and they look fab!

I feel like things are coming together! I've got 6 weeks - I have designs on tshirts (whole new summer line coming this month - designed by moi!) and products and the world is my oyster!

6 more weeks to go!