Thursday, May 5, 2011

Week 6!

What a week! Actually, what a 6 weeks! This morning I took my Flash Animation final and submitted my final project - a functional portfolio website I made for myself. It looks like this:

This was my hardest class yet. I think it was so difficult because I was learning from scratch. Having experience in photoshop and illustrator has really helped me get through my art classes. This was like learning a whole new language in 5 weeks in order to present a fully functional website at the end of it - and a lot goes into website building, I'll have you know!

Also, my friend Kristy just listed her sugar scrubs for sale (coming soon to etsy) that I designed the labels for a while ago and they look fab!

I feel like things are coming together! I've got 6 weeks - I have designs on tshirts (whole new summer line coming this month - designed by moi!) and products and the world is my oyster!

6 more weeks to go!


Trina said...

You are an absolute Rockstar!

Lindsay said...

nice work toots. it's sexy!

Lindsay said...

um... you've been away for TOO long awhile. (referring to your header) it's time to update! just one eensie weensie post, please.

emma said...

Hey this is the first time Ive seen this revam version of your blog theme.. love it!! Only one little problem... you have to update it with a slimmer version of yourself!