Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

I love this guy.

Stuff I love about Stuart and being in love with Stuart:

1. After 7 years of marriage and we're better friends than we started out.

2. He hugs and kisses me goodbye every morning and then proceeds to send "I love you" texts from the minute he leaves until he gets home.

3. He does the grocery shopping by himself and always comes home with stuff he shouldn't. When I point out it wasn't on the list he says, "I... I thought you'd like it?"

4. He's a genuinely happy person and you can tell even when you can't see him ie. he hardly ever just walks down our hallway but he skips or gallops, happy sounds.

5. He listens and reacts when I tell him what's going on in the tv show I'm watching and gives me theories as to what's going to happen next.

6. He knows and accepts he wouldn't be in Gryffindor. (He'd be in Ravenclaw.)

7. He loves to make me laugh. Sometimes I see him doing something silly to get my attention but I pretend to ignore him to see if he'll do it again more exaggerated. He does, every time.

8. He's a really good cook and even does the dishes without being asked.

9. He's completely secure with his nerdiness.

10. He remembers intricate details of the books he reads but forgets where his keys are.

Happy birthday, Stuee. There's a hundred bajillion more things about you that I love. 
You're basically just the best!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pregnancy dreams: Gran

The week before we found out we were pregnant I had a very simple, stirring dream. I was home in Scotland and standing at the end of the front path with my mum. We turn around to face the house and my gran Barr is sitting on a chair on the grass.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pregnancy: Cravings

I've been trying my best to describe to Stuart what I've been experiencing through this pregnancy so he can understand why sometimes it seems like I'm going nuts.

Last night around 7pm I had a craving for chicken pakora from our favourite Indian restaurant. It was a desperate craving. Stuart asked, "are you sure you don't want some of the orange chicken I got for you that's in the fridge?" Big mistake. When a craving kicks in, don't question it. He learned that one fast! He left the room upset because I replied meanly and maybe louder than usual. He came back an hour later and asked if he should still go get the pakora. Yes.

I then tried to explain how a craving feels with a little analogy.

For me, these cravings feel almost the same as when I'm trying to recall a memory and it's almost there, on the verge of being remembered ie. on the tip of your tongue. It's close enough to remember how I felt but it's too foggy to remember the details...

Cravings are like that for me. The frustration that comes when you're desperately trying to remember a memory (or where you put your keys when you're running late) is what it feels like when I'm waiting for that food to get in my belly.

What do you think? Do you have an analogy for it?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pregnancy dreams: Haiti

I can't even pretend that I know where this one came from. It's so crazy that I feel like I'm not going to be able to describe it without drawing a picture!

I'm walking through a lush green forest with a guide who's telling me that Haiti is not what everyone says it is. The government is trying to make it sound worse than it is so nobody will visit and find out the secret. I'm fascinated and confused. He says I have to promise not to tell anyone what I see and that it's going to be hard for me to understand that the Haitians are extremely technologically advanced but he'll try to explain it to me as I see it all.

We emerge from the forest and I'm faced with something I could never have imagined.

In front of me is a vast wasteland. The ground is cracked and dusty. The sun is bright and really big. It sounds like a busy marketplace. The sounds of hustle and bustle aren't on the ground though. For as far as I can see the sky is filled with layers upon layers of junk yard metal (think huge Vegas signs etc.) welded together in little patched big enough for a little hut to live in and/or sell things from. The layers are chained to the ground and floating in the air. There's a clockwork feel about what I'm looking at.

There's ladders and flying plates to get from layer to layer...

But don't tell. It's Haiti's secret.

Pregnancy dreams: Baby daddy

I've had a couple of bleeding episodes over the last couple of weeks. They're nothing to be worried about but, well I do worry. This dream is proof.

I'm sitting in a doctor's office with Stuart. The doctor, dressed in his surgery outfit tells me that since I've been losing too much weight and having these bleeding issues that I'm not taking good enough care of the baby. I try to explain that I'm doing my best but it's really hard and I don't have control over either of those things. The doctor tells me that since I feel I have no control over it then the only thing they can do is take the fetus out of me and put it in Stuart. He'll carry it, feed it, not bleed etc.

I look to Stuart expecting him to say something like, "let's give it another week before doing anything like that" but no, he's smiling and nodding his head in agreement.

They take the fetus out of me and put it in Stuart. He has a big preggo belly and is having a little trouble with his daily tasks. I ask if I can help him put his shoes on and he says, "no, remember I'm carrying the baby for a reason. You can't help!"

He doesn't let me help with anything ever and delivers a healthy baby... somehow.

Pregnancy dreams: Zombie attack

Pregnancy has gifted me with the most amazingly vivid and bizarre dreams - maybe the main thing I'm really enjoying about being pregnant right now!

This is the first dream I had before knowing I'm pregnant and has been my favourite to remember because it was so clear and weird.

Where: our house in Hayward.

I'm sitting next to Andrew, my older brother on the couch watching him watch tv. I'm excited because I have a surprise for him. I look at him and then to the front door, waiting anxiously for the surprise to arrive. Loud air raid sirens sound and giddily I tell Andrew there's a surprise for him at the door and he'd best answer it. At this point I'm standing, getting ready to run out the back door.

Andrew stays sitting and tells me he's not in the mood for a surprise. He just wants to watch tv. I start getting anxious as something starts thumping at the front door. I tell Andrew that he HAS to answer the door and that I ordered a zombie attack for him. If he doesn't answer the door they'll break it down and kill us all. Andrew doesn't care. He can't be bothered. He asks me to reschedule it and I start shouting at him that I can't, they're already here!

My mum comes through and starts complaining about all the noise. I tell her that Andrew isn't going to kill the zombies and we're all going to die. She's not happy about this.

The zombies break in and I do a runner...

I presume Andrew at least died.

It's his own fault.