Monday, July 18, 2011

I love this guy.

Stuff I love about Stuart and being in love with Stuart:

1. After 7 years of marriage and we're better friends than we started out.

2. He hugs and kisses me goodbye every morning and then proceeds to send "I love you" texts from the minute he leaves until he gets home.

3. He does the grocery shopping by himself and always comes home with stuff he shouldn't. When I point out it wasn't on the list he says, "I... I thought you'd like it?"

4. He's a genuinely happy person and you can tell even when you can't see him ie. he hardly ever just walks down our hallway but he skips or gallops, happy sounds.

5. He listens and reacts when I tell him what's going on in the tv show I'm watching and gives me theories as to what's going to happen next.

6. He knows and accepts he wouldn't be in Gryffindor. (He'd be in Ravenclaw.)

7. He loves to make me laugh. Sometimes I see him doing something silly to get my attention but I pretend to ignore him to see if he'll do it again more exaggerated. He does, every time.

8. He's a really good cook and even does the dishes without being asked.

9. He's completely secure with his nerdiness.

10. He remembers intricate details of the books he reads but forgets where his keys are.

Happy birthday, Stuee. There's a hundred bajillion more things about you that I love. 
You're basically just the best!


Beth Adams said...

I love all of your things that you love about Stuart but laughed right out loud about #10. I always said Stuart functioned on a higher plain. #10 just confirms it! =)

Trina said...

<3! ps, do we get to know what you got him for his bday?

Lindsay said...

welp.. now i know why you're my bestie... stuee and i are pretty much the same person. i do silly dances for enos all the time to get his attention. he ignores me too. it's awesome. HAH

Rachel said...

I think #7 is my favorite!

Stephanie Kelly said...

I think I'm falling in love with your Stuee....thanks. I was smiling while reading this post... true love makes me so happy!!!