Friday, July 8, 2011

Pregnancy dreams: Baby daddy

I've had a couple of bleeding episodes over the last couple of weeks. They're nothing to be worried about but, well I do worry. This dream is proof.

I'm sitting in a doctor's office with Stuart. The doctor, dressed in his surgery outfit tells me that since I've been losing too much weight and having these bleeding issues that I'm not taking good enough care of the baby. I try to explain that I'm doing my best but it's really hard and I don't have control over either of those things. The doctor tells me that since I feel I have no control over it then the only thing they can do is take the fetus out of me and put it in Stuart. He'll carry it, feed it, not bleed etc.

I look to Stuart expecting him to say something like, "let's give it another week before doing anything like that" but no, he's smiling and nodding his head in agreement.

They take the fetus out of me and put it in Stuart. He has a big preggo belly and is having a little trouble with his daily tasks. I ask if I can help him put his shoes on and he says, "no, remember I'm carrying the baby for a reason. You can't help!"

He doesn't let me help with anything ever and delivers a healthy baby... somehow.


Brooke said...

best. dreams. ever.

Lindsay said...

i can totally see stuee really reacting like this. hahaha YES!! pick me! pick me!!! i wanna carry the baby!!! hahah

Hilary said...

I'm sorry but that is hilarious! And I'm glad you are writing these down! I wish I'd done that with the crazy dreams I had.

Manda said...

This is my favorite one so far. :)

Chiemi said...

LOL!!! Oh my gosh! That is hilarious!

Scott and Stacia said...

Hilarious!! I love it!! I remember having really strange dreams while I was prego too! Enjoy them, and keep writing them down :)