Friday, July 8, 2011

Pregnancy dreams: Zombie attack

Pregnancy has gifted me with the most amazingly vivid and bizarre dreams - maybe the main thing I'm really enjoying about being pregnant right now!

This is the first dream I had before knowing I'm pregnant and has been my favourite to remember because it was so clear and weird.

Where: our house in Hayward.

I'm sitting next to Andrew, my older brother on the couch watching him watch tv. I'm excited because I have a surprise for him. I look at him and then to the front door, waiting anxiously for the surprise to arrive. Loud air raid sirens sound and giddily I tell Andrew there's a surprise for him at the door and he'd best answer it. At this point I'm standing, getting ready to run out the back door.

Andrew stays sitting and tells me he's not in the mood for a surprise. He just wants to watch tv. I start getting anxious as something starts thumping at the front door. I tell Andrew that he HAS to answer the door and that I ordered a zombie attack for him. If he doesn't answer the door they'll break it down and kill us all. Andrew doesn't care. He can't be bothered. He asks me to reschedule it and I start shouting at him that I can't, they're already here!

My mum comes through and starts complaining about all the noise. I tell her that Andrew isn't going to kill the zombies and we're all going to die. She's not happy about this.

The zombies break in and I do a runner...

I presume Andrew at least died.

It's his own fault.


Lindsay said...

stupid andrew! kill the zombies! it WAAS a gift afteralll. ungrateful!

Manda said...

Hahaha! Awesome.

Chiemi said...

You ordered a zombie attack just for him? That right there is sisterly love. My pregnancy dreams were just plain weird and not funny to anyone but Dustin.

bequi said...

You have glorious dreams!

I had one where I breastfed my dog, and one where the doctor did a C-section at 12 weeks or something so they could bill my insurance for NICU for the remainder of the time I should have been pregnant.