Monday, August 15, 2011

20 weeks

* It's been a few weeks since I've been sick
* I can stay awake all day without randomly falling asleep
* I can go out for longer than 15 minutes before being ready to come home
* I can eat food again... lots and lots of food ALL the time
* I can cook food without being sick
* I get hungry really fast nowadays
* The baby is kicking all the time and keeps me awake at night
* I've had a touch of heartburn which is under control thank to Lara and this
* My hair has stopped being crispy and falling out
* I don't have much to complain about anymore... those were a rough 18 weeks though!
* I'm half way done!

What I'm eating:
egg salad sandwich for breakfast and watermelon all day long.


Trina said...

hooray!!! LOVE BABY ADAMS!!

Aileen said...

Yay:-) half way there!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you guys!!!!!!

Aileen said...

Yay yay

Rachel said...

I ate SO MUCH watermelon with both Cooper and Adele. I'm so thrilled that you're felling better now!