Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear baby,

Last night your dad made some suggestions for dinner. Nothing was sounding that good until he said "fajitas". You wanted them, I wanted them. It was the unity between fetus and mother that I dream about and all thanks to your dad. I knew right then that we're all made for each other and that those fajitas had to be made for us too - if your dad knew what was good for him!

I ate 3. I stuffed us full of orange pepper and onion goodness, with some chicken in there just for the protein. We do need the protein. Cheese, sour cream, a little hot sauce... heaven! If we hadn't run out of tortillas I'd probably have eaten more.

Then later I felt you partying extra hard in there. I could imagine you sucking the last of those fajitas through your umbilical cord, desperately hoping for more but knowing it's best not to over do it with such a good thing.

I called your dad over to see if he could feel anything because lately I've been feeling you prod against my hand but your dad hadn't been able to feel it yet. He'd been wondering if you were too shy or if he'd offended you but I kept telling him, "soon love, soon you'll feel it. Don't worry." He'd put his face to my belly and say, "please, just kick me on the face. Pleeeease!" but I don't think the food I'd been giving you had made you excited enough to perform. We have been enjoying a lot of watermelon these past few days though, right? I hope that's been as good for you as it has been for me.

Anyway, last night your dad put his hand on my stomach and continued with his studying - he has 2 exams today. I was thinking to you "kick him hard so he feels it when he's not paying attention to us!" He put his books down and I put his hand where it needed to be and you DID it! It was a big kick, or probably a high 5. It startled me and made him jump. The look on his face was priceless and we started laugh-crying. It was one of the best moments of my whole life! It made up for the months of sickness, and I promise if I'm sick again I won't blame you. I really think that was one of the happiest moments of your dad's and my 7 years of marriage.

Thank you, Fetus.
We love you.

Love and orange peppers,
   Your mum x

PS. I need to go and tidy up because your Aunty Kirsten's on a plane coming here right now and I thought that was happening next month... Do you think you can kick her too? I hope so.


Karine said...

love it. So sweet and cute! You have a way with words and its entertaining! :) LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Chiemi said...

Aww that was lovely.

Rachel said...

I'm crying in front of my co-workers now. Thanks a lot, fetus!! What a happy love letter.

Mark and Hilary said...

*sigh* :)

Scott and Stacia said...

Kicking daddy is the best thing ever, a connection between Daddy and baby. I love it!! I would put Scott's hand on my belly all the time :)