Friday, September 23, 2011

Busy business

I've been busy working trying to get a collection of holiday card templates put together to stock my etsy with this Christmas season. Along with finishing up, restarting the Sugar Grenade Designs page on facebook and decorating the baby's room I've been getting very creative and I love it!

If you feel like it you can help me out by liking the Sugar Grenade Designs facebook page and share it with your facebook friends. It'd be much appreciated :) I'll be sharing some free printables on my website and hopefully filling up my etsy really soon with lots of templates - keep me in mind when you're looking for holiday cards and keep your eyes peeled for lots more designs coming throughout the year.

Speaking of peeled eyes, have you see the Zombie family portraits I was commissioned to do this month?


Lauren said...

Not even going to lie those zombie babies freak the crap out of me! Good work!

emma said...

oh my goodness! those are gross!!! especially the kids!!!! good work.