Thursday, October 13, 2011


I was going back over my facebook statuses to update the Stuff Stuart Says section and decided that since I was way back in January that I'd put together a timeline of  pregnancy related events leading up to where we're at now. Then I remembered that the day we found out that we're pregnant I started a new private blog for us - have I already said this before? It feels like I have.

Anyway, here's the post about the reactions from my family members:

"We decided over the weekend that it might help the news seem more real if we told our families. Honestly, after seeing my mum and dad's reaction on Friday I just wanted to make more people cry! Ha!

I told my mum and dad over Skype of Friday towards the end of our chat because it seemed like they (my dad) already knew somehow. It's also harder talking face to face with someone and not sharing news like that! I try to get on skype a couple of times a week and have been missing for a couple of weeks due to my new sleep habits. It wouldn't be long they'd put it all together. I told them.

We wanted to just tell parents first, since we were only about 7 weeks into the pregnancy . On Saturday morning Stuart text his parents a picture of the pregnancy test and made sure to tell them to keep it to themselves, just the two of them. We got a voicemail from his mum and we could hear his youngest sister, Danielle in the background... We didn't want anyone to feel left out so we text his brother and other sister the pregnancy test pic too and enjoyed those reactions.

By  Saturday night I decided it was only fair to spread the joy a little further and to keep things fair I sent a private message on facebook to my own siblings:

"Barf's out of the bag - Stuart and I are expecting a baby in January!

I'm about 7 and a bit weeks along and really excited! We just found out on Thursday night and would really like to keep it quiet for a few more weeks until we find out everything's ok.


Love to you all xx

PS. Can someone make sure Andrew gets this message? I don't know the best way to get a hold of him."

Wendy: "Awwww Porridge ... I love, love, love this news! big high five to u & Stu!!!"

Emma: "Oh wow!!

For some reason I can't see your message on FB but I can in my email notification on gmail!

So I should start to save up to visit you next year!?.. That's so so so exciting!! I have to tell Nora she is going to have a little cousin! (will be her first little cousin!)
SO exciting!!!.. Thinking it may have worked out best after all with little Roxy dog?! xxxxx"

Mum: "There is sunshine in my soul today, more glorious and bright  but i can't stop crying tears of extreme joy Xx."

Dad: "Oh, I am going to have another Skype Grand Child! God Bless the three of you ! I am so happy for you .... life will never be the same again, you only get what you deserve"

Andrew: "i thought dad would have informed you the best way to get a hold of me is round the neck, great news little Lau. im telling michele hope you dont mind. x"

Scott: "
that's brilliant news. i'm really happy for you and Stu (and mum and dad) i shall resist the urge that overtook mum and not write hymn lyrics, but there is a wee tear in my eye right now, but don't tell anyone. Love you x"

It's hard not telling EVERYONE because the reactions are just the BEST! It's for that very reason I'm avoiding facebook chat for the next couple of weeks."

There was no reply from Beki and when I asked her about it weeks later she said, "
Yeah I got it. Du everyone seems to be at it!"...
That's the only response I've got from her concerning the pregnancy... or rather, the only thing at all directed towards me since June.


Danielle said...

I didn't realize I had such an impact on your decision to tell all the siblings instead of just the parental units. I'm sure Mom would have been able to keep it to herself had she not reacted like someone had just died. She had me so concerned that I was like "WHAT IS IT!" because she didn't respond when I tried a simple "What?" By that time, Josh had come up the stairs and was like, "Did somebody die?" Apparently Mom's tears of extreme joy are very similar to those of extreme sadness. Ha!

Rachel said...

I loved reading a scottish accent in my mind ;) Love your family!

Manda said...

Remind me to start bringing tissues when I come to read your blog. It was your mum's reaction that started it this time!