Friday, November 25, 2011


Today we took a spontaneous little day trip out to Carmel-by-the-sea. By the time we arrived and had collected our picnic ingredients we were a little behind on the schedule we never set for ourselves. We found a state park and decided to head in, park, eat, and explore. By the time we found parking and ate we had about an hour left before the park closed so we dawdled about on the shoreline and Stuart and Kirsten took a look in some tidal pools. We watched the sun set then drove 2 hours home.

Although it was a long drive both ways for the little exploration we did, we got to enjoy the sunshine and took in some sights we've never seen before. It was a pretty lovely day; a successful jaunt.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

26 pick up sticks, 27 feels like heaven...

Twenty five was a pretty excellent year for me. I ended 2010 the way I wanted to go on with 2011, aka Year 26.

At the start 26 Stuart and I cut the nonsense and decided to lose weight. Combined we lost about 50lbs by the end of January. Stuart lost a smidgen more than I did but I lost just over 10% of my body weight. We both did really well and I'm looking forward to our routines when we can start exercising together again.

In February of 26 we came to terms with our childlessness and decided to add our own addition to the family, Roxy our puppy. After one night we had to take her back to her family. We were heartbroken over the whole situation - she was too young to be separated. She didn't have a bark, couldn't chew food or drink from a bowl. It was a milestone for us to commit to raising a little critter though and it changed us on a few different levels.

In March we had our pictures taken professionally for the first time ever. That was huge for us. We never had a photographer at our wedding, we never had engagement pictures or holiday pictures, we've never had pictures taken together just the two of us. When Wendy and Tyler (Blue Lily photo) came to town right after our 7th wedding anniversary it worked out that we were able to meet up in San Francisco for a super quick session.

I graduated school in June AND also made a HUGE announcement on Fathers Day. We somehow managed to get pregnant. Miracle of  absolute miracles! I've not been private about the fertility struggle we went through, the emotions, lessons etc. I feel like the weight loss, the puppy, the professional pictures, and graduating from school were all things we were meant to do before having a child. Right at the moment of seeing that positive pregnancy test everything felt like it fell into place. This is exactly how it was meant to be. I remember the struggle and the yearning but the heartache and shame are fuzzy memories now. Looking ahead is much nicer than always looking backwards and focusing on negatives. Anyway, that would be the biggest part of the year/our lives right there and the biggest lesson I think I've ever learned and possibly ever will. I could talk about it a lot because it blows my mind!

July through September I was nothing but a blob of exhaustion, yuckies, and adjustments. In August we found out our little Ninja is a girl. Stuart also felt her kick for the first time after make us fajitas - another highlight of the year.

In October I decided to get my wiggle on and launch my website in order to start making some money and use my degree. I've had a pretty great time making and selling holiday cards this season and I'm excited to focus more on birth announcements and other fun things come the new year. By the end of October I was settled with myself and feeling fulfilled and on the right track. I've never felt like that before.

Now it's November and 26 has ended. 27 is going to be a lot different than 26, different but the same. That feeling of fulfillment is still here even though I can hardly stand up without a push, or put my shoes on myself. It's still right. My life is how it's supposed to be right now. There's a lot of different changes on our horizon.Surprisingly the biggest change is not the scariest.

Here's to 27!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Making room for Ninja

Where have I been? I don't know. Sleeping, thinking, having braxton hicks, playing words with friends, working, bursting out of my clothes...

I've been trying to organise the babies room. It seems like we (Stuart) just keep putting our (his) rubbish (clothes from the day) in that room. Keeping on top of it has been a hassle but this morning I conquered most of it.

Here's how her room's looking so far... Pretty much done now that we have the crib!
We just need her bedding set, changing pad cover, book shelf and a couple of little other things to finish it off properly.

The countdown is officially on with around 6 1/2 weeks to go!