Saturday, December 24, 2011

Autumn: The Great Escape

On Thursday (December 16th) we went to our 38 week midwife appointment. During the appointment I expressed how I really didn't want to go over my due date (December 30th) because Stuart would be going back to school January 3rd etc. Plus, I felt like she would come early anyway. I'd been having regular contractions since the Sunday (December 11th) that were getting stronger. Treesa, my midwife asked if I'd like my membranes stripped to see if that would help get things moving along a little quicker. She said she'd only do it if my cervix felt like it was ready...

I had my cervix "massaged" and went on my way dilated to 1cm and 40% effaced with a nice squishy cervix. On Friday we decided to go out one more time to the cinema and see the new Sherlock Holmes film where I had contractions every 15 minutes throughout the film and was starting to get really uncomfortable.

Friday went and Saturday came. Contractions went and contractions came. My mucus plug started going and things were moving along. I was expecting to have her on Monday but through the night things picked up by 10pm I was 5cm dilated and by 2am contractions were about 2 minutes apart and the midwife and my good friend, Melinda were on their way.

I laboured through the night and got up after a quick rest at 7am to get things going. I did laps and squats around the back garden, sat in the birth tub and completely zoned out - eyes shut until she was born - in order to manage my pain.

When things were getting to be a bit much Treesa checked me on our pull out sofa bed and found I had a little lip of cervix that needed to thin before I could really push. I had to push a bit in order to help it thin and whilst doing that my waters exploded. Exploded with a bang. My eyes were closed throughout most of the labour and I can still hear everyone gasp after the sound of my waters breaking and spraying everywhere. It was one of the weirdest, funniest things I've experienced. There was also quite a bit of meconium in the fluids, not a good sign.

From there I pushed for 18 minutes and Autumn Olivia made her entrance (exit?) in true Ninja style. Her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, looped over her torso, and tied up one of her legs. Thankfully Treesa recognised something wasn't quite right and knew how to maneuver her out safely.

Stuart cut her cord and she was placed on my chest where she started rooting about for a food source...

And that's the quick, non gory version of how the ninja escaped!


carla thorup said...

that sounds perfect.

like, really really great. i like the eyes closed coping mechanism.

you did awesome, she did awesome, and i bet stu did awesome.

i'm so happy she's here. and early! and next time i'd like birth to go like yours. i'm just going to request that now.

Rachel said...

There's something about a home birth that has always appealed to me. I don't know if I'll ever have the guts to do it. I think you're amazing for doing it. Seriously great story. You make it sound SO easy!

Lindsay said...

for a minute i read rachel's comment as, "you make it sound so sexy." then i was thinking... sexy? really? whatta weirdo. HAH then i reread it and went, oh.. I'M the weirdo for thinking she'd say that.

good show, love. good show. :)