Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh mother, where art thou?

On Wednesday the 28th of December my mum turned up on my doorstep dressed as a Christmas tree. I suspected she was going to show up. In fact I was so confident about it that that was the first day I even got dressed (and showered) after having the baby. Lindsay delivered her to me and we went on to have a really great 2 weeks. We were able to get out of the house almost every day, ate a lot of tasty food, talked and laughed a lot, took a lot of pictures, snuggled with a baby a lot, bought a new couch set...

January 30th: Hayward Japanese Gardens
It meant the world to me to have her here. She had it planned and tickets bought since November not knowing when the baby would even be born. It was a stroke of luck that Autumn was 2 weeks early, giving us all plenty of time to spend relaxed with each other instead of in labour etc.

Oakland Temple
I'm not a terribly needy person - not openly anyway and so I was prepared to soldier on and deal with anything that came my way baby-wise but had really wanted my mum to be here. I was scared of post partum depression and not being able to spot it if it was happening. The chances of it happening would be less with my mum about and what do you know, no depression here! When I told her about my fear she said, "don't worry about that, it's not in your genes."

Crissy Field
I'd get up in the morning and the blinds and curtains would all be open, the dishes would be done and she'd be looking for more to do. I'd set up skype for her, I'd feed the baby, she'd settle the baby and send me back to sleep. I'd be happy to keep her here forever!

Autumn was all about Granny too and I think she became quite attached to the nickname granny gave her - Pandora. She loved her singing, bath time, the comfy lap and chin nibbles. She helped us get into a good daily routine and was happy to answer my motherhood questions and lend a hand at any moment. Autumn can turn a little feral through the night. My mum would often appear in our bedroom doorway offering to take the baby and try to settle her so I could get some rest before the next feed. I didn't always take her up on the offer but I certainly appreciated her 2am visits and her magic touch when I would hand the baby over.

The 2 weeks went by too quickly but I wasn't terribly sad to send her home to my lonely dad. They'll both be back in the summer and we'll get to have a new set of adventures and a chance to make some more memories.

I'm looking forward to that :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

27 weeks | 4 weeks

Right after you give birth...

1. Your lungs feel weird, like punctured balloons. They have space inside your body but they take a little while to adjust until you can actually take deep breaths again.

2. When your stomach rumbles the sound is amplified because there's a lot of empty space for it to bounce about until your organs all settle back in their rightful locations.

3. Heartburn stops in an instant after months of torment.

4. Cravings are no more.

5. The time you used to spend doing tiny wee's is spent staring at the little wonder that you just birthed.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Autumn: 3 weeks: Things to remember

1. Autumn is the same outside as she was inside as The Ninja but with sound effects. She takes ages to stretch when she wakes up; arms, legs, back, face, feet, hands over and over, stretching, yawning, twisting. I think she'll be tall.

 2. Sound effects: She knows all her animal sounds already. She can screach like an eagle - a single screach for attention. She growls like a bear when she's got bubbles which is often in her sleep as well as when she's awake. She snorts like a piglet and screams like a banshee every so often. She sometimes sounds like she's laughing which is usually followed by a sound that doesn't come from her face, if you know what I mean... She also hic-ups like me - loud and irritating - and sneezes like her dad and great grandpa. On top of those noises she does a pretty good puppy impression - her tongue is always sticking out.

 3. She hardly fed for the first 4 days of her life and dropped from 7lbs 9oz to 6lbs 15oz by day 3. At 2 weeks old after learning how to get her to open her mouth she was up to 7lbs 11oz. She's almost out of newborn sizes.

 4. My mum showed up as a surprise on December 28th when Autumn was 10 days old. We've been out almost every day on a short jaunt which I've really appreciated. I worried about becoming a hermit after the baby was born and I also worried about being too nervous to let her ride in the back of the car by herself. I'm happy to say she's survived back there in her carseat without me beside her. I've really loved having my mum here. She's been helpful but has also let me learn and not taken away my independence with the baby. I've learned a lot from her and been comfortable with her teaching techniques - she knows me :)

 5. Comfort: yesterday was the first day I've felt a little more comfortable sitting after birthing my big noggin'd baby. On top of that, on Saturday my mum bought us a new 3 piece livingroom suite. I'm not to mention how uncomfortable money makes me. I'm to accept the gift and allow others to receive blessings without making things awkward... I'm looking forward to sitting comfortably on Wednesday. Thanks mum and dad :)