Monday, January 9, 2012

Autumn: 3 weeks: Things to remember

1. Autumn is the same outside as she was inside as The Ninja but with sound effects. She takes ages to stretch when she wakes up; arms, legs, back, face, feet, hands over and over, stretching, yawning, twisting. I think she'll be tall.

 2. Sound effects: She knows all her animal sounds already. She can screach like an eagle - a single screach for attention. She growls like a bear when she's got bubbles which is often in her sleep as well as when she's awake. She snorts like a piglet and screams like a banshee every so often. She sometimes sounds like she's laughing which is usually followed by a sound that doesn't come from her face, if you know what I mean... She also hic-ups like me - loud and irritating - and sneezes like her dad and great grandpa. On top of those noises she does a pretty good puppy impression - her tongue is always sticking out.

 3. She hardly fed for the first 4 days of her life and dropped from 7lbs 9oz to 6lbs 15oz by day 3. At 2 weeks old after learning how to get her to open her mouth she was up to 7lbs 11oz. She's almost out of newborn sizes.

 4. My mum showed up as a surprise on December 28th when Autumn was 10 days old. We've been out almost every day on a short jaunt which I've really appreciated. I worried about becoming a hermit after the baby was born and I also worried about being too nervous to let her ride in the back of the car by herself. I'm happy to say she's survived back there in her carseat without me beside her. I've really loved having my mum here. She's been helpful but has also let me learn and not taken away my independence with the baby. I've learned a lot from her and been comfortable with her teaching techniques - she knows me :)

 5. Comfort: yesterday was the first day I've felt a little more comfortable sitting after birthing my big noggin'd baby. On top of that, on Saturday my mum bought us a new 3 piece livingroom suite. I'm not to mention how uncomfortable money makes me. I'm to accept the gift and allow others to receive blessings without making things awkward... I'm looking forward to sitting comfortably on Wednesday. Thanks mum and dad :)


Hilary said...

Oh how happy I am for you guys, Laura! It makes me smile to read this. I'm so glad Autumn brings you so much joy! I've been enjoying seeing all the pictures of her on facebook too!

I love that your mom surprised you!! How wonderful to have her with you to help with the transition into parenthood. And kudos to getting out daily, that saved me, otherwise I'd have gone crazy! It's nice to have someone there to encourage you and help you to feel comfortable in doing it. Keep it up after she goes home, too, it'll be a lifesaver! Even if it's just to the library to check out a book or a walk to the mailbox!

We sure love you guys and miss you! I hope we can meet Autumn some day!

P.S. I want to see pictures of the new living room furniture!

Chiemi said...

Reading this makes me happy! I love hearing about Autumn. I'm so happy that you have your Mom there with you. That makes things 10 times better.

Kizzie said...

This post is so happy! I'm so glad you're having a good time, and that little Autumn is doing so well!

Mark and Hilary said...

loved reading about your little bundle! And so happy that your mom got to come!

Melissa E Photography said...

shark attack latcher.. hahaha. I've been laughing about that all day! What a sweet little one you've got there! And I love her name!

Lindsay said...

she really is quite a sharkie says lucas. and he would know.. he's a shark hunter. he could smell her in his car nap parked in front of your house. i'm glad she's bein' less tooty and more fruity. :) i love that Sharkie. that's her official lindsay heinzen nickname. she'll hear it for the rest of her life. so there.

Rachel said...

Great post. I just love her little tongue!