Sunday, January 15, 2012

Right after you give birth...

1. Your lungs feel weird, like punctured balloons. They have space inside your body but they take a little while to adjust until you can actually take deep breaths again.

2. When your stomach rumbles the sound is amplified because there's a lot of empty space for it to bounce about until your organs all settle back in their rightful locations.

3. Heartburn stops in an instant after months of torment.

4. Cravings are no more.

5. The time you used to spend doing tiny wee's is spent staring at the little wonder that you just birthed.


Kizzie said...

True. Crazy how quickly some things return to normal and how weird it is to only be one person again.

Rachel said...

I distinctly remember my back pain magically cured the moment that baby was out.