Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 months: Baby love.

The last 10 weeks have gone quickly  although some day have felt like they'd last a lot longer than they ought to. Autumn's a pretty easy baby with quite the funny little character. She's still a mover and shaker even when she's feeding she's kicking and squirming about. When she's sleeping she's the same; legs and arms everywhere.  it makes it easy to imagine her riding a bike, skateboarding, flamenco dancing, holding onto a pole whilst being blown away by the wind etc. She's like a jack in the box and regularly gives me a fright with her erratic and spontaneous jumping and flinching. She's packed with personality! Along with that she's a treat to look at. We can't understand how we got such a pretty little baby!

As well as being pretty and energetic she makes some pretty great noises. All in all she keeps us entertained on all levels.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Someday, oh my!

Sometimes amidst my constant sleepiness due to taking care of Chirpy-Pants I get this overwhelming feeling of excitement and thoughts about the future flood my mind.

Someday I'll be throwing a birthday party for the munchkin
Someday we'll take her on a picnic and she'll love it
Someday Stuart will teach her to ride a bike
Someday we'll take her to the sea and she'll feel at home
Someday we'll bake together
Someday she'll sing the songs I sing to her, that my mum sang to me
Someday she'll have hair
Someday I'll get to sleep through the night...

Someday is so exciting to me - today is pretty great too :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Autumn: 6 weeks

1. After a couple of weeks of sudden reflux Autumn's stomach has settled down and she's no longer doing her milky fountain act. Thank goodness. That means I can nom on her face without fear of being barfed on - although there's nothing like milky burp-up to warm up cold hands.

2. She's starting to smile and it drives us wild. We're addicted to her and the smiles are like crack to us. We need more and will do anything to get some! A couple of times it's seemed like she's tried to laugh too - can't wait for that!

3. On the flip-side, she's also started to frown properly and has the most heartbreaking and adorable little cry. The pout, the frown, the cry and the real tears slay us.

4. At the start of the week I packed away her newborn clothes after trying to stuff her into a newborn onesie and failing. She's still a little small for 0-3 month outfits but far too big for newborn clothes and looked like a little sausage in them with the poppers straining... Adorable!

5. Stuart and I had spoken about not being those insane, delusional parents who think their wrinkly little baby is the most gorgeous thing on the planet since "all babies look like little old men". We spoke about it and made a deal to be honest with each other if our baby took a while to grow into something adorable. We are those parents. She is the prettiest little thing we've ever seen and there's no convincing us otherwise! We love that giant noggin!