Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Someday, oh my!

Sometimes amidst my constant sleepiness due to taking care of Chirpy-Pants I get this overwhelming feeling of excitement and thoughts about the future flood my mind.

Someday I'll be throwing a birthday party for the munchkin
Someday we'll take her on a picnic and she'll love it
Someday Stuart will teach her to ride a bike
Someday we'll take her to the sea and she'll feel at home
Someday we'll bake together
Someday she'll sing the songs I sing to her, that my mum sang to me
Someday she'll have hair
Someday I'll get to sleep through the night...

Someday is so exciting to me - today is pretty great too :)


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Brooke said...

Someday is pretty Great! But I'm still looking forward to that Someday I'll sleep through the night! Good luck with little miss chirpy pants and remember to take naps too!