Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 months

My cheeky Autumn baby turned 5 months old this last week. I think 5 months has changed her from my little baby to a big baby. She's a lump. A lump of squishy shrieks, slobber, and happy. She's grabby, her head is fuzzier, her squeals are louder and sharper, her chubby ankles are always crossed, and she likes to stroke things.
She's sitting up for longer periods of time and is still very social - we love staying with Stuart's aunt and uncle right now because their house is always bustling with people and Autumn loves watching everyone and hearing all the Hi-Autumn's and seeing how excited they make her. I also love feeling that she's "our baby", as in everyone's baby - everyone loves her and are happy to claim her as theirs. She's so sweet.
I still think she's the funniest baby on the planet. She's a happy little thing with a smile for pretty much everybody. I love watching her react to faces and voices. Seeing her recognise people is like watching a little miracle - her little brain is working, her eyes are working, she's remembering and associating... I love that. It's amazing.

Yesterday she mastered swallowing food properly and guzzled some baby oatmeal mixed with peaches right when I was ready to give up on feeding her - ending with MORE in the bowl than I started with was getting a bit ridiculous but she got it and I think it's the start of some serious feedings for her!

I'll probably be crying about all this stuff (and the extras) next month because she'll be half way to a year old and time is going too quickly for me. I'm just glad her 2 little teeth that poked through for a day went away back in and I get a little more time with these gums...

Yep, we're still smitten.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Home Sweet Ogden

We never planned on living in Utah ever. Stuart has always had a strong opinion not really based on anything particular when it's come to that opinion but it goes like this "people in Utah are the worst drivers!", "Utah is too dry!", "Utah mormon's are so weird." It goes on and on...

Last night we found a listing on KSL for a great looking little home. Stuart emailed the landlord and we heard back pretty quickly that the contract for the place had just been signed. Lame. It's fun looking at and for places but it gets to be enough at some point and I was done not finding what we were looking for. I went online late last night miffed and found a completely new listing for a duplex unit... a pretty perfect looking duplex unit in South Ogden. Stuart emailed promptly, we heard back and this morning we went to see the property.

We move in on Wednesday and it feels perfect!

Firsts: food

Autumn normally sleeps from 11:30pm until around 8am - really nothing to shake a stick at but the last few nights she's been going to sleep later and waking up at 4am for a quick feed. Horrible. So we decided it's time to give her a little something extra - rice cereal. We didn't expect her to be so hungry until another month so we had to go buy her a high chair and a bowl and spoon.

It went well. Tomorrow we'll try it a little thicker. She liked it fine although I don't know how much of it she actually swallowed...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is somewhere I've seen pictures of and had it on my bucket list. It was a surprise to be passing it on our trip down here and so we took the opportunity to stop and stretch our little leggies there. Stuart wasn't sure the $3 parking would be worth it. Let's just say he'd have happily paid $5! What a treat for the eyes that was. We added some squished pennies to Autumn's collection too. Bonus.

Twin Falls, Idaho.

We ironed out the financial aid mess that was stopping us from making our move down here on Tuesday and packed up to leave Washington on Thursday evening. Stuart drove through the night whilst the baby slept which was really a perfect idea and if we need to go anywhere far away any time soon (let's hope not) that's how we'll travel. We stopped in Meridian, Idaho at about 7am and went to our hotel to clean up and get a few hours of sleep. Check out was at noon so it was a luxury stop and a bit of a life saver.

We left Meridian and started our final stretch to Saratoga Springs, Utah making a couple of little scenic stops along the way. It's music to my ears when Stuart says "do you want to stop?" when we're driving through a place. It makes me absolutely giddy! Of course I want to stop! Seeing is my fave!

Twin Falls, Idaho was such a treat. The valley just appears out of nowhere, and the bridge? Magnificent!
Thanks for stopping for me, Stu :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Starting afresh.

I've had a lot of time to think, whether not I've been fully focused or aware of it at the time is another story. I have been thinking though and that's partly why this blog was sitting in time out for so long. I was punishing it because it was depressing me. Then I realised by not recording and sharing my normal, awkward, poor life I'm not being honest, and lying is bad.

First, I've unsubscribed from blogs that distract me. Bloggers who are too much for me to handle; too sunny lives that don't seem real and discourage me from living because I'll never shop at Anthropologie etc. I'm removing discouraging distractions.

Next, I'm making goals -
  • starting my own business, creating and selling art prints and soon tshirts. I'm doing it and trying to be affordable. Recognising that I don't have walls covered in artwork because I can't justify spending money on things like that at this stage of my life. I don't want naked walls so I'm making stuff I like and hoping other people like it too, enough to buy them.
  • I have projects, goals, projects, and goals! I'll be posting these on my website too.
  • losing weight. I'm 1lb away from losing a full 50lbs and feel pretty great! I think I'll lose 20 more and be done.
  • taking pictures. I'm going to start again AND I'm going to print them too. Huge goal! I'm going to try and share some on facebook and some on here instead of posting everything on facebook. I don't want to be boring. I'm also working on finding balance.
I'm not like other people so why should not being like other people discourage me so much from sharing what I am? Do any other bloggers have this complex?

So, hi there. I'm Laura. Sometimes I wear the same tshirt for 2 days in a row. I have a new love for yoghurt that's verging on an addiction, no joke.Yoghurt used to make me gag for the first 26 years of my life then a month before having Autumn I ate one and I've had one a day for the last 5 months. Tillamook is my favourite yoghurt brand, and yes, I spell yoghurt with an "h". Also, I only own 2 pairs of jeans, which is double what I used to have. I wear them til they're worn clean out and then Stuart forces me to buy a new pair because I would just keep wearing them. That's me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake...

I realise I never shared why and how we ended up leaving California.

Back in October Stuart started feeling like the Chiropractic school he was attending wasn't working for him - too much philosophy and not enough science, conspiracy theories being taught as fact (you mean you didn't know the chalky trails planes leave in the sky are actually chemicals that the government are crop dusting us with?), tuition going up but there was nothing to show for it, narrow minded classmates soaking up the insanity, the anti-medicine mindset, the list is endless... Stuart's just a sensible guy who likes to work with his hands and has a love of technology. Chiropractic is on the anti-technology side of things which means not much room to progress. These are things learned at his school, not all schools are like this. In fact if he transferred schools he would have to start over because his credits from Life West are worthless to other Chiropractic schools - you can transfer in but not out. That says something.

In short he was really unhappy. I couldn't argue with that and his happiness is the most important thing.

We're in an insane amount of debt, less than if he'd finished his degree (silver lining) and starting over. He's getting a degree in his first major back at BYU-I that he switched from. We learned a lot in California and looking back we definitely were there for a reason, just not the reason we planned on. It was a difficult and rewarding 2 1/2 years.

Next stop Ogden, Utah!

1, 2, 3, 4, 4 1/2...

Time! What the heck? Time is going too fast! Autumn is almost 5 months old and I am in denial! Here's what I'm denying:

She is officially double her birth weight and some more.
She sleeps from 11:30pm to 8:30am most nights.
She has a voice and lungs and together she's reaching decibels and pitches I didn't know existed.
She found her feet and catches a magical glance of her hands.
She's attached to a little stuffed giraffe called Peter and loves her squeaky Sophie giraffe.
She hates being in her carseat but likes being carried about in the Moby Wrap by her Dada.
She smiles almost all the time.
She's social and doesn't mind being held by other people.
She attracts a people at the mall - strangers come up to us to see her, they say how cute she is in passing.
She has chubby, tasty legs and her cheeks are delicious.
She will most likely giggle when having her nappy changed.
She growls like a baby bear.
She's learning to self soothe by sooking her little thumb - she still doesn't take a pacifier.

This child has a huge personality. She's a little ray of sunshine and is just so sweet. We laugh every day with her and are so excited to be moving and settling down in Utah for the next few years. She's our favourite.