Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 months

My cheeky Autumn baby turned 5 months old this last week. I think 5 months has changed her from my little baby to a big baby. She's a lump. A lump of squishy shrieks, slobber, and happy. She's grabby, her head is fuzzier, her squeals are louder and sharper, her chubby ankles are always crossed, and she likes to stroke things.
She's sitting up for longer periods of time and is still very social - we love staying with Stuart's aunt and uncle right now because their house is always bustling with people and Autumn loves watching everyone and hearing all the Hi-Autumn's and seeing how excited they make her. I also love feeling that she's "our baby", as in everyone's baby - everyone loves her and are happy to claim her as theirs. She's so sweet.
I still think she's the funniest baby on the planet. She's a happy little thing with a smile for pretty much everybody. I love watching her react to faces and voices. Seeing her recognise people is like watching a little miracle - her little brain is working, her eyes are working, she's remembering and associating... I love that. It's amazing.

Yesterday she mastered swallowing food properly and guzzled some baby oatmeal mixed with peaches right when I was ready to give up on feeding her - ending with MORE in the bowl than I started with was getting a bit ridiculous but she got it and I think it's the start of some serious feedings for her!

I'll probably be crying about all this stuff (and the extras) next month because she'll be half way to a year old and time is going too quickly for me. I'm just glad her 2 little teeth that poked through for a day went away back in and I get a little more time with these gums...

Yep, we're still smitten.


Manda said...

Aww! Did I mention that she is my 3rd favorite baby? Hehe. (After my own two, of course! ;)

Chiemi said...

She is so darling. Love that girl. She has the best smiles.