Wednesday, May 2, 2012

San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake...

I realise I never shared why and how we ended up leaving California.

Back in October Stuart started feeling like the Chiropractic school he was attending wasn't working for him - too much philosophy and not enough science, conspiracy theories being taught as fact (you mean you didn't know the chalky trails planes leave in the sky are actually chemicals that the government are crop dusting us with?), tuition going up but there was nothing to show for it, narrow minded classmates soaking up the insanity, the anti-medicine mindset, the list is endless... Stuart's just a sensible guy who likes to work with his hands and has a love of technology. Chiropractic is on the anti-technology side of things which means not much room to progress. These are things learned at his school, not all schools are like this. In fact if he transferred schools he would have to start over because his credits from Life West are worthless to other Chiropractic schools - you can transfer in but not out. That says something.

In short he was really unhappy. I couldn't argue with that and his happiness is the most important thing.

We're in an insane amount of debt, less than if he'd finished his degree (silver lining) and starting over. He's getting a degree in his first major back at BYU-I that he switched from. We learned a lot in California and looking back we definitely were there for a reason, just not the reason we planned on. It was a difficult and rewarding 2 1/2 years.

Next stop Ogden, Utah!


carla thorup said...

my mom TOTALLY believes in the crop dusting from the government!! haha. and i've been to a chiro MORE than a doctor in my life.

so funny to hear someone else with this info. ha! (and utah is glad you're coming!)

kristin said...

stuart sounds a lot like my hubs! and good for both of you for having the courage to go a different direction! i know that is not easy and kind of scary too!