Monday, May 7, 2012

Twin Falls, Idaho.

We ironed out the financial aid mess that was stopping us from making our move down here on Tuesday and packed up to leave Washington on Thursday evening. Stuart drove through the night whilst the baby slept which was really a perfect idea and if we need to go anywhere far away any time soon (let's hope not) that's how we'll travel. We stopped in Meridian, Idaho at about 7am and went to our hotel to clean up and get a few hours of sleep. Check out was at noon so it was a luxury stop and a bit of a life saver.

We left Meridian and started our final stretch to Saratoga Springs, Utah making a couple of little scenic stops along the way. It's music to my ears when Stuart says "do you want to stop?" when we're driving through a place. It makes me absolutely giddy! Of course I want to stop! Seeing is my fave!

Twin Falls, Idaho was such a treat. The valley just appears out of nowhere, and the bridge? Magnificent!
Thanks for stopping for me, Stu :)

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