Sunday, August 5, 2012


One of the main things I have in common with my dad is the fascination for new places. New places and seeing in general. I grew up with my head stuck in atlases and an old copy of The Automobile Association book of British Towns; a thick dictionary type book that was kept under the stairs in the white bookcase by the church library, it is filled with information and photos of every town on the British Isles. I could sit for hours flipping through my reference books, skimming the glossary, studying the old photographs. Memorising place names, page numbers, the contents of each square on the map. Lists and lists of places, routes, points of interest tucked between the pages. History. Stories. People. Complete, uncontrollable consumption of my being. 

I'm always consumed with Wanderlust. I have lists of places and things I want to see filed in my mind like a catalogue of postcards I'm yet to buy. I lie in bed and prompt pleasant dreams by imagining these places only to find myself overwhelmed and basically itching to get out and go, and see. Who needs sleep?! Wanderlust turns into some kind of wicked Wanderenvy. Friends post pictures of where they are and I NEED to be there. I need to see that. I need that blue sky, white sand, green grass, snowy mountain, fluffy clouds, cold wind, fresh air. I need to see and feel all that for myself.

My absolute best memories involve some kind of wandering. The summer we went to Bath, England. The summer Stuart and I decided to go on a spontaneous trip down the Oregon coast with his sister Megan. The time Stuart took me to see Paul Bunyan and I screamed I was so excited. The day we went on a tour of as many temples in Utah that we could before getting tired. Trips to zoos, beaches, bridges, piers, parks, ghost towns, vista points, monuments, farmers markets, museums, cemeteries. Every single place is plotted on a map in my mind. They become a part of my spirit, fueling my need to wander. Unquenchable.

It's exciting for me to think about where we're going to end up. Exciting because hopefully it means we find a place we love more than the rest and we're willing and ready to put down roots. It seems unlikely to happen any time soon. Until then we'll continue wandering.

And dreaming.


Chiemi said...

Come wander on over to my house. We have a guest room! There are gorgeous mountains to hike, lakes to see, museums to visit, and an old timey candy store! :)

Katie Phillips said...

Laura, I don't know if you've ever thought about writing a book. I don't know what about, but I'm always entertained and/or engrossed/drawn to read more when I read what you post!