Sunday, September 2, 2012

The wisdom of strangers.

In March of 2010 I took a trip home to Scotland on my own for 7 weeks. The whole experience was something I'll treasure forever - being the 5th of 6 kids having time alone with my parents like that was something I never experienced before. But that's beside the point...

I had a window seat next to an Indian woman, on the plane. We made a little small talk on our journeys to our homes. She had been in the US visiting her son who is a doctor in Seattle. She told me how she visits twice a year on her own and how proud she is of her only child. She asked me if I had a husband and told me how her husband is successful in Delhi and a little about the history of her country and the similarities between Scottish history and Indian history. Ok, I made small talk and she talked big.

She noticed I didn't eat during the flight and gave me some dried prunes she had brought with her. Then she asked if I had any children.

"No," I said. The usual feeling of embarrassment and shame followed as I expected her to pity me like most did. It was routine by then.

"Do you want children?"

"We do."

"Can I give you some advice?" she asked as she looked me up and down.

"Yes." Everyone has advice. Everyone is a critic, I thought. Everyone has some sort of judgement to vocalise.

"You need to lose weight and eat more fiber if you want to have children."

Plain and simple. Painless. The exchange has stayed with me and I kept it to myself for a long time kind of treasuring it and mulling it over. The way she looked at me and judged how to deliver the tip. Blunt. Seriously blunt. And I'd never heard that one before!

I wish I could show her, although I'm sure she knows she was right but I did it.

Indian lady on the plane, I did it.

Thank you.

Do you know the benefits of losing 5-10% of your body weight in regards to fertility? It's astounding.
Read a short article about it here.


Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

Not sure about the fiber tip. But I lost 10% of my body weight before getting pregnant with Logan. He took us 3 1/2 years!

Laura said...

Rachel, I lost just a smidgen under 10% of my body weight when I got pregnant with Autumn. I never even knew that it played into it until afterwards when someone told me the statistic, which I've now forgotten - I think it's, lose 10% and increase your chances of conception 25% maybe.

The fiber tip was maybe because she knew that fruit and such are not as prominent in American diets. I don't know.

She took us 7 years but I know we weren't ready until right then.

Lindsay said...

That's. Crazy!!! Wow. I like that Indian woman. I wonder what nugget of wisdom she would have for me and my career. Perhaps we should plan a trip to Scotland and get this straightened out.