Sunday, March 10, 2013

Autumn outtakes

I get so many funny outtake pictures of Autumn that I want to share but I know I already over share on my facebook, my photography facebook, instagram (my own sister stopped following me :-| ), and likely my photography website. No likely about it. It's definite.

This is my last channel to over share on. These are those pictures that are brilliant but not professional and yet are completely Autumn. Expressions overload. And teeth too.

are those not just the cutest, cheekiest teeth? she looks like she has a mouth full but there's still only 8.

"no no no!" this is when she scolds me for telling her to stop doing something naughty.

still scolding. she's goes for a while. dunno who she gets that from...

Of course, the less cheeky ones can be seen on my website: here

1 comment:

Manda said...

Hahaha! I love them all! You can never overshare Autumn pics to me! :)