Saturday, March 2, 2013

Twin Falls, Idaho

We embarked on our second big roadtrip with Autumn last week. It took a year to recover from the last one and the night before we left on this one I almost told Stuart to go without us. I was a bag of nerves thinking about how Autumn would behave. My sweet, funny baby turns completely demonic as soon as she's strapped in her chair. She can scream for hours without stopping. Cry-it-out is not something that phases Autumn, it's like she sees it as a challenge. A challenge that she wins every time. Horrible and terrifying.

Surprisingly, no, astonishingly she did incredibly well. I did have to sit in the back with her to keep her company and we did turn her chair around half way to Seattle but the crying was minimal and always ended in a nap. Unheard of!

Although she did so well we're in no rush to repeat at 13 hour, one way excursion with her. On our way home we stopped in Twin Falls, Idaho and retook some pictures from the last time we were there - when she was 4 1/2 months old and at the peak of her chubbiness.

I've been really realising these past few weeks just how big my tiny baby is getting - and I'm starting to understand why people have more than one. Sometimes it's hard to notice how big she's growing but all the little things she learns every day certainly draw attention to her growth.

She's a character and a half; such a personality- always charming everyone! Her wardrobe was stocked with new frocks by the time we got back from Seattle thanks to her adoring fans. I'm excited to take pictures of her in them!

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