Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 Years

Photo by Kera of The Perfect Moment Photography

Stuart and I will have been married for 10 years in March which has given me pause for thought on many occasions throughout the last year. 10 years is HUGE!

Neither of us would say we're where we thought we would be after 10 years of marriage. In fact we've made a couple of five-year plans and nothing we thought would be possible has been.

Autumn was supposed to be part of that first five-year plan, we would have been settled and employed by now, Stuart would be a dentist, I'd have a drivers license and a car, we'd have taken several family trips to fun places - disney cruise, yes please, I'd have been able to go home to Scotland once a year. Honestly the list is endless and has the ability to be pretty depressing if we let it.

As it is, we're still in school - between us we have 2 and half degrees with a whole other one on the way, we have one gem of a child, a financial situation so frustrating it'd make you scream - Stuart capped out on grants and we're paying for this out of pocket or out of his parents pockets at the moment (and emotionally ourselves), we've never lived in a house/apartment that doesn't have white walls, I've been home 3 times in 10 years... this list could go on too.

Right now we're incredibly excited to be finishing school in December (fingers crossed!). Stuart has a job through the school as the Webmaster for the Computer Science College, which is his first work experience in his chosen field and he loves it! I love that it's going to look so good on his resume and will score him some fantastic letters of recommendation. He works directly with professors and the Dean of the college.

This week I've made some goals and have decided to stop waiting for life to hand me the opportunities I expect to be on their way. I've been waiting too long and putting a lot of things on the backburner. It's time to make things happen!


Chiemi said...

That's really wonderful that things are coming together for your family. I figured out a few years ago that nothing would happen if I didn't at least try. Which is why I am in school now. I would like to say, you have done a lot in the years I have known you. Things might have gotten put on the back burner, but you sure have accomplished a lot of things and had fun doing. :)

P.S. Glad to have you back in the blogging world. It started getting lonely. :)

Nancy Mc said...

I like that you said you have decided to stop waiting for life....
We have to live NOW, and stop waiting. I hear you on some of those disappointing 5 year plans.
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Greg and Michelle said...

I love this. I was just reflecting on our live this weekend too. Life has not gone as planned, and it can be incredibly frustrating at times. I love the perspective to just get moving instead of waiting for things to happen. Thanks for the reminder!